Tuesday, May 26, 2015

COMC visit to the headquarters

So I made it down to COMC yesterday.... 

Not really related, but they are in the GPS "dead zone" part of Redmond - where GPSs go wonky... Mine had me get off I-5 and take backroads then get on 520, then off 520 and back on the road I had just been on...If you go there take the 520 and get off when you are there, as they are located quite near the 520 exit, and this would have saved about 20 min on the trip.

They are not really setup for visitors - so schedule your visit in advance.... I was told 10:00 to 15:00 were the best hours even though they are open a little longer then that, and to call when I arrived to be let in.

For anyone wondering about the safety of their cards - badge access door, and no one near to let people in. I called and after about 1 min on hold was connected to someone. I told that Nathan had put my order aside and I was here to pick it up and drop a few cards off forsale. I was told that Nathan was in a meeting, but they would come let me in themselves and bring my order..... YES - if you call COMC you get someone in Redmond.....

I had my 4 year old with me and so didn't ask about tours, but from the lobby you can look down the mysterious corridors. ;-)

The COMC employee was very friendly and talked to me for quite awhile and even let me take his picture. He didn't seem in a hurry to rush me out or anything and answered all the questions I had.

YES - they are VERY aware of online threads.... but he said the best avenue for people to get questions/concerns/issues addressed, was to call or email.

The biggest shocker of the conversation was that the COMC guy was a PACKER AND SEAHAWKS fan - quite a combination, although he was wearing a Seahawks shirt, so there's that.

So finally I dropped off 7 cards at the .50 level..... Not long after I got home 3 of the cards were already up and ready to sell(so less then a day). 1 of the cards that was listed was actually a 7-11 1984 slurpee coin, so I was kind of surprised by that... figured it would take close to the full 2 weeks after what I had read online.
The COMC building.  Recently took a visit to COMC headquarters to check it out.

Friendly COMC employee

Wall of cards

Mysterious hallway

Other Mysterious hallway

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